Tips for choosing a suitable site

It is a fact that nowadays the positive aspects in the online presence of your business to your personal web site is social networks. What site your business will reap the most benefits? What kind of website do you need? The answer to these questions is directly related to the area of ​​your business and your ideas for its future development. Of course, if you are in the trade, you would be needed an electronic shop and if you are in the service sector, the corporate website will be the most suitable for you. It is extremely important when attempting idea of ​​meaningful and useful online presence to inquire professionals, to share with them ideas and to comply with their recommendations and guidelines. Here are some tips of what you need to keep in mind when building basic types of sites:

  • Corporate website:
  • has a stylish and pleasant design with easy navigation to allow customers to reach quickly and easily to the required information.
  • to focus on the most important part of the business.
  • has extensive pictures, text and video material that presents your business in the most detailed manner.
  • to have a blog section in which you can create for the visitors of the website all important news, like your brand and the new and interesting developments in the field of your business.

–           E-shop:

  • Extremely important navigation: customer needs 3 clicks to reach the required product, it we recommended having a filter for quickly select.
  • Products: we recommend in every product to have photos taken by you, not downloaded from the Internet. Preferably the product has a detailed description, which must be unique – not to copy information from your competitors.
  • Hosting: it is critical to select quality hosting so that your website will load as quickly as possible. This is important for search engines and the attitude of customers to your site, because no one likes to wait.